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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello and welcome to the new UK Developer blog!

We've been working hard over the last few months to be able to bring lots of developers together at Google Developer Day, and we don't want the conversations to end there. We want this blog to be the place you can check back for information on local developer launches, events and stories about the guys behind the technology.

At this very moment, we are making last minute preparations to host over 500 developers at Wembley Stadium, where they will meet engineers and product managers who work on products like App Engine, Gears, OpenSocial, YouTube, Maps and many more. But it's not just about what we have to say. We have brought in many of our partners as well to talk about how they are using some of the tools available, as well as what they have learned and how they want to move forward.

We're also really excited to hear from our attendees, many of whom told us about some of the amazing apps they're working on. To me and many other Googlers I've spoken with, this is the best part about Developer Day: getting many smart brains in one place and watching them all interact. Our goal is to make the web a better place for developers, which in turn will make the web a nicer place for the (roughly) billion and a half people using it. After all, the best ideas and implementations are not going to come from us, but from the hundreds of thousands of developers out there using our tools.

So why the blog? We want to use this as a place to showcase great apps and the developers who built them. We want it to be the place that you can come to see what is going at Google and with Google tools, bringing together people from the hundreds of different developer communities throughout the UK.

Most of all, we want to hear from you: how would this blog be most useful for you? We'd love you to share your ideas, your apps and your comments. We have no idea what the volume will be like and can't promise a reply, but we do want to figure out how we can be of use to you in the week and months to come.

Thanks and happy apping!

Liz Ericson
Product Marketing Manager - Developer Programmes


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