RabbitMQ Tech Talk at Google London

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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My day job involves working with Google's strategic mobile partners to solve tricky problems but in the evenings I'm usually to be found at the eXtreme Tuesday Club and similarly geeky gatherings. I'm usually the bloke with the Nikon D50 alternating between talking about new features in Python and taking pictures. Sometimes, like PyCon UK, I get to do both and I end up with photos like this:

That doesn't always happen though. For instance last Thursday I invited some special guests to our London office. Alexis Richardson, Matthias Radestock and Tony Garnock-Jones from LShift/CohesiveFT traveled all the way from their Silicon Roundabout offices to Victoria to give a tech talk about, RabbitMQ, their open source messaging platform. Their talk covered everything from how distributed systems are built in Erlang to their preferred approach to fixing Twitter's scaling problems.

Since the Google Moderator tool had launched the night before I thought we should experiment with using that to supplement the questions from the assembled Googlers. We only got 2 online questions but I think that with the feedback that team is getting here. This could become a really useful tool for technical conferences.

Afterwards I took the guys upstairs to the canteen for lunch with various Google engineers where we got to discuss everything from implementing Protocol Buffers in C# to Jaiku and the future of federated micro-blogging. Lunch wasn't recorded but the Tech Talk was so you'll soon be able to see it for yourself on Youtube. We'll update this blog post when the video is ready.

In the meantime you can read the slides here:

Ade Oshineye
Technical Solutions Engineer, PSO, Google London


kellan said...

Looking forward to the video.

alexis said...

Folks, for some browsers you may need to 'zoom out' once or twice to reduce the size of the diagrams in the second set of slides, in order to fit them in your browser window.

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lahiru said...

Cool and learned a lot about AMQP

Thanks Alexis.. and keep up the good work!

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