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Monday, February 02, 2009


Hard to believe, but Thursday night was only the second meeting of the London Geo/Mobile Developers Meetup Group. With 60 UK developers in attendance, the organiser (Christopher Osborne) put together another really fun and compelling event.

I took the stage first and had a chance to outline a few Maps features which are particularly useful for mobile developers. The talk covered Location Detection on the desktop and mobile, Static Maps, Reverse Geocoding, the Google Maps Library for GWT and, finally, the Google Earth API.

We also presented a couple of new tools: the AJAX APIs Playground (an interactive tool for learning the Google APIs), and the Embedded KML Viewer Gadget (perfect for displaying KML on your pages - no code required!).

Our bit was followed by three very interesting talks, proving once again the vibrancy of the UK Developer scene:
  • Andrew Scott, founder of explained how they're using trust networks to help users find great venues (fast!) when they're on the move
  • Alfie Dennen, the man behind Moblog, talked about his latest work on 'The Internet of Places', taking us on a fascinating journey via Britglyph, What is the question?, and Stopped Clocks
  • Terry Jones, Creator of Fluid DB, talked about his 11-year project creating "the database with the heart of a wiki"; check out Scobleizer to find out more

All in all, another fun and thought-provoking evening in a fantastic location. Thanks to Christopher for organising, and to Yahoo! for sponsoring the food and drinks. And thanks to Roman for the great photo above and capturing the evening.

See you next time!

Russell Middleton
Customer Solutions Engineer


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great report on the #geomob, Russell - that was really interesting (especially API playground which really rocks, and seems to be extremely valuable tool for quick evaluation).

Alfie said...

Hi Russell,

thanks for the writeup, was a great night which I wished I'd been able to stay longer at. Just to let you know it's Alfie Dennen as opposed to Scott :)



Russell Middleton said...

Hi Alfie,

Thanks, really enjoyed it too.

Sorry for the surname mistake - fixed it now.



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